The release of The “Forbidden Memories” is postponed again. Why this time? Listen in the podcast.

Registered in Steam

We applied to register on Steam last week. And so, today it was finally approved. The game publication fee has been paid. Today we start creating and designing the “Forbidden Memories” page. This is not an easy task, since it requires a lot of graphic elements (icons, banners, screenshots, etc.). So we can’t do it without a 2D designer.

Podcast may+june 2021

Finally, the microphone is back in service, and the new podcast is ready. But this time there is not much news.

Site is started, links to socials

Website launched. Not everything is working yet, but you can click on the links.

Our social networks:
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Facebook (En):

Search for an actress for Christina

Today we started an active search for an actress for the role of Christina. If everything goes well, then in a month we will publish the works of the girls that we liked, so that you can also vote for your favorite vote. But here it is difficult to promise something, since the search for a suitable girl can be delayed.
Yes, and one more thing. Thanks to those who offered us assistance in dubbing, but the actress for the role of Christina must be from Samara so that we can control the dubbing process. After all, it is on this actress that the success of the game depends in many respects.

Podcast march 2021

In the March podcast, we share news about the successful test of Forbidden Memories on mobile phones. And also about the search for an actress for the role of Christina and the development of our website.

Hungry Robots

Genre: arcade
Voice: screen access program
Graphics: graphical user interface
Age restrictions: 7+
Platforms: Windows, Android
Release date: December 11, 2018