Forbidden Memories

Genre: 3D first-person adventure
Setting: abandoned cottage, our time
Voice acting: fully voiced by the actors
Graphics: text interface
Age restrictions: 16+
Languages: Russian, English
Platforms: Windows, Android, iOS
Release date: unknown
Demo version:

Soft clicks of a metronome, a quiet but powerful voice and a cold that seems to penetrate to the very soul …
Opening her eyes, Christina found herself in a long-abandoned house, where, under white bedspreads and many years of dust, she will have to unravel the main secret of her life. The situation is complicated by the fact that it is impossible to get out of the house without going through all the labyrinths of rooms that are fraught with dangerous monsters. By solving riddles and making your way past monsters, there is a chance to find the treasured way out of the trap and find the key to your memories.


Old trailer